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The best protection for the visually impaired

Nanometer-controlled medical filter lenses.
In addition to visible light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation reach our eyes. These, although they do not cause visual sensations, are to be considered dangerous to the eye itself. Ultraviolet, in particular, although short-wave radiation is endowed with high energy capable of causing conditions of photooxidative stress resulting in cortical cataracts, conjunctivitis and worsening of retinal pathologies. Blue light from ultraviolet radiation also causes reduced contrast perception, resulting in reduced visual acuity, increased sensitivity to bright light and glare, prolonged adaptation time.

The use of Skudo Coal treatments and medical filter lenses can rebalance these conditions by "cutting' the blue component of light. In combination with polarization, available in two versions, Pola Light 65% and Polo Dark 86%, visual performance in the outdoor environment is amplified, with great comfort for the visually impaired patient.
Such treatment is available on:
  • Neutral filters base 6 and base 8
  • Polarized neutral filters base 6 and base 8
  • Infinity - White, polarized or photochromic monofocal ophthalmic lenses
  • Infinity - White, polarized to photochromic bifocal ophthalmic lenses
  • Infinity - White, polarized or photochromic progressive ophthalmic lenses
  • Freedom ophthalmic lenses
  • Clip-on

The following filters are recommended for major retinal diseases:
However, the most authoritative specialists recommend subjective testing to evaluate the best filter to use. Oculus filters or flirp splints are available for testing. All medical colorings have been certified in order to ensure the highest quality.
Of particular note is the new Skudo MD outdoor maculopathy lens. Skudo MD's Retina-Guard Treatment can eliminate blue light, the cause of photochemical damage to photoreceptors, increase contrast and reduce light scattering in the eyes. The result is pure and natural vision. Skudo MD is available as a clip-on, neutral filter and graduated lens.
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Legit Aplanat is a monocular aplanatic system particularly suitable when medium to high magnifications are needed. It consists of a doublet of two convex plane positive lenses. Aplanat systems have the property of evenly scattering light over the entire surface of the lens, ensuring a 'high-quality, uniform image free of peripheral aberrations. The two lenses are mounted on a tubular polycarbonate mount, and the flat surfaces of the lenses face outward. Indeed, it is well known that the closer you get to the object, the more important it is that the lens surface be as flat as possible Caplanatico is now the only optical system for the visually impaired that can combine high magnification and wide angle of view (48). Available from 2 to 15 magnifications. Legit Aplanat is available with eventuate patient dioptric correction and medical staining.

Mounting the systems is extremely simple. A 70-mm support lens drilled in the centre is supplied with the aid. A central locking disk is provided for cutting at the grinding wheel, which is to be fixed with special tape on both surfaces. Once the lens is shaped and the central disk removed, the system is press-fit into, taking great care to keep it as close to the eye as possible in order to increase the field angle.

The great virtue of Legit Aplanat is that it offers maximum autonomy to the visually impaired person in choosing a frame.
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