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Pittura astratta
It is well known that our eyes only need a small amount of blue light to quickly reach saturation. After several hours of exposure to such conditions, visual acuity is at risk from photochemical effect, and the level of hazard depends on the cumulative dose of blue light to which the person has been exposed; this usually occurs after repeated low-intensity exposures over long periods. The level of evidence associated with this risk is important. Groups particularly susceptible to risk or vulnerable to blue light have been identified in children, people with ocular pathologies, or certain categories of individuals, such as certain professionals subjected over time to continuous, high-intensity lighting (neon bulbs, LEDs, fluorescent lights). The use of LEDs as light sources in workplaces is also on the rise. The risks identified are of great concern, such as the severity of hazards related to the likelihood of harmful events from the photochemical effects of blue light and glare in the context of widespread LED use.

Recent studies have shown that exposure to UV and blue light contributes to macular degeneration , which is one of the greatest causes of blindness after age 50. Therefore, it is considered prudent to protect oneself with specific absorption glasses to reduce the risks associated with exposure when it is found to be particularly prolonged.
To this end, our SKUDO MULTIFILTERS are born, the result of the best technology in the service of comfort and visual well-being, capable of cutting blue light and protecting us from the consequences it has on our visual quality.
SwedOptik offers a wide range of filters, each of which is specially adapted to a precise and well-defined situation, in order to give the wearer the best possible benefit and prevention.

The MULTIFILTERS range is divided into the following categories:
Dedicated filter for driving in low light, glare, rain and fog conditions.
It optimizes contrast and protects against annoying light from other vehicles.
Now finally available is an extremely comfortable filter dedicated to those in the office who spend a lot of time in front of the PC and/or use computer systems for long periods of time. Skudo™ PC&TABLET filter lenses protect against UV rays, reduce glare, eyestrain and fogging, and attenuate the most harmful light frequencies resulting from continuous exposure to the annoying light emitted by screens, while also improving performance.

Statistically, many photophobia patients show a preference for pink-tone lenses over other types of tinting, e.g., green to yellow. Skudo™Migraine is a therapeutic tint in shades of pink. It is made by fusing a mixture of colors that block blue-green wavelengths (up to 80% phototoxic). Pink-colored lenses are readily available in optical stores but it is not simply the tinting that guarantees the result, Only the analysis of the curve on the spectrophotometer pub guarantee the therapeutic characteristics of this type of lens.

They represent a simple and effective remedy for alleviating and reducing the frequency of migraines associated with photophobia, which arise especially in those individuals long exposed to artificial light and the flickering of neon lights, which is particularly tiring and annoying. 

Encouraging results were found with patients with frequent cephalo-tensive migraines associated with severe photophobia, cases in which Skudo™Migraine lenses proved functional in decreasing the frequency and intensity of cephalic seizures, and with patients with blepharopasm and marked photophobia who were asked to evaluate the filter following a two-week trial: the patients confirmed an important therapeutic benefit and objective evidence of the excellent functioning of Skudo™Migraine lenses could be seen.

Skudo™Migraine tinted lenses are non-invasive, have no side effects, and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of many patients who, in various ways, benefit from the use of blue-blocker lenses.

Skudo™Indoor filters, thanks to the best technologies, significantly reduce the discomfort caused by fatigue at short wavelength exposure and are the most suitable means of protection from fluorescent lights. Now you can finally have the most comfortable filter to wear in the office and in various activities in places with artificial lighting. Skudo™Indoor filter lenses protect against UV rays, reduce glare, eye fatigue and fogging. by attenuating the most harmful light frequencies. They also turn out to be particularly suitable for cataract surgery patients. Skudo™Indoor filters are available in 2 aesthetically pleasing shades, shades that enhance individual functionality and improve visual comfort:
  • INDOOR LIGHT filters, essential for those exposed to fluorescent light for long periods of time, with light tints that do not significantly alter color perception
  • INDOOR DARK filters, ideal for photosensitive individuals or those who have recently undergone cataract surgery, have more intense coloration despite also not significantly altering color perception

Supply schedule
Blue blocker filters are available in the following versions
  • Neutral Filter
  • Clip-on
  • Monolocal or progressive lenses, various indices
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