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We will take care of your eyes

Pittura astratta
Image by Adolfo Félix

Swedish experience and our know-how at the service of the visually impaired

Swed Optik has been working with commitment and passion in the field of low vision for more than 20 years, a job that first of all has been a dutiful social service, through the dissemination of the concept of low vision as we learned it from the Swedish Schooland: restoring dignity and an optimal quality of life to those who have lost or have never had sufficient residual vision to carry out normal daily functions.

Today SwedOptik is synonymous throughout Europe with 360° low vision. At the basis of all this there is obviously knowledge thatthey don't improvise: the deep knowledge of optics comes from the FATIF experience, historical name in the field of professional photography. The mastery of optics, electronics and precision mechanics have always been the heritage of our company.

The production line includes high-magnification optical aids such as aplanatic systems. galilean, prismatic and keplenan controlled nanometer filter lenses, bifocal and multifocal lenses with highly customized solutions.

In recent years we have introduced the production and marketing in Italy and abroad of special lenses that go beyond the low vision sector in the SKUDO MULTIFILTERS line there are blue-blocker filters dedicated to night driving, video terminal operators, people with particular sensitivity to artificial light, migraine and photosensitive epilepsy. Finally, in the innovative SKUDO RAINBOW line we have turned our attention to subjects with dyslexia and color blindness problems, a rapidly expanding market that is giving us very positive results.

The ultimate goal and complete customer satisfaction, our daily commitment is to offer you high quality and performance products, constant monitoring of the market in search of increasingly innovative and efficient systems, serious courtesy and professional competence.

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